The Game Awards 2020: Developer Pearl Abyss Shows Off Gameplay Footage Of ‘Crimson Desert’

by Sage Ashford

Korean developer Pearl Abyss (Black Desert Online) revealed five minutes of game play for upcoming game Crimson Desert at The Game Awards 2020. Crimson Desert is a mix of open-world single-player storytelling and MMORPG elements. The game’s MMO elements aren’t as clear at the moment, with the single-player story elements being centered on in the trailer and the game’s overview information.

The player starts out in the role of Macduff, a mercenary in the continent of Pywel, a place torn apart by warring rulers. Macduff is forced to assemble his own collection of mercenaries who will travel Pywel along with him as they work together to survive.  The trailer introduces us to multiple members of Macduff’s group of mercenaries, and the game’s website promises exploration of the world and characters.

Crimson Desert is meant to launch in winter 2021 and will be launching on consoles and PC.

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