Review: ‘The Green Lantern Season 2’ #10 The Art Is The Star In Another Confusing Comic

by Olly MacNamee


Another confusing issue with a lot to tie-up on the narrative front. Only saved by the outstanding, career-best art from Liam Sharp.


I gave up trying to follow the rhyme or rhythm of Grant Morrison’s dense, intense and often trippy scripts a few issues a go now, and decided instead to just enjoy the cosmic jazz he and Liam Sharp have been conjuring up on this second half of this sophomore season. After all, time and again the art has shone through when the narrative has been too bizarre to handle.

In looking back at both these seasons, he and Morrison have forged not only a trip through Hal Jordan’s past and present, they have lovingly paid tribute to the trailblazing creators and stand-out storylines that have informed the history of Green Lantern. A trip through comic book history as well as a trip through the various art movements, trends and styles we’ve seen come though since the Silver Age. This is a series that really speaks to the long-term fans, but with many of the references remaining opaque, it has never excluded new readers. A triumph of the medium. If you can just keep up with Morrisons’ madness.

Sharp has undoubtably delivered a tour de force, with this issue being no exception. Going out with a bang as we countdown to the grand finale, ‘Sharpie’ has taken on colouring duties too with lavish artwork that screams out to one day be destined for an oversized Absolute style edition that will better show off his art.

The Ultra Wars wage on, and Earth-11 remains in threat. Along with the whole of existence. Giving Morrison and Sharp the change to reunite some of the ring-bearers we’ve met along the way. Along with a few other familiar faces and places. But, from what story I can pluck out of this free-form narrative seems rushed. There’s seems to be a determination to suddenly tie-up loose ends before heading into the sunset with one last hurrah in the last two issues of this modern day classic. The Golden Destroyer is done away with and we get a return to the trail of Hyperman too, which also has its own resolution. And all in just one issue. There’s even a wedding for good measure.

Considering the scale and drama of these events, it never felt like a universe-threatening event, simply because it was so confusing and rushed. And, ultimately, it’s deflated some of the momentum I was riding across the majority of this second season.

For me, Sharp is the star of this issue, with Morrison favouring a more dense, surreal script that I have never really been a fan of in the past, and still no more of a fan now. Not the best of issues structurally or narratively, with far too much fussiness going on, but still a good head and shoulders above a great deal of comic books out there. It’s juts not the cosmic kick-out other issues in this season have been. But, even now, I’m stoked with where this will all end up. And, even if DC Future State has other plans and does away with this version of Green Lantern, I still stand by my belief that this run will go down as one of the greatest Green Lantern runs. And, as Morrison and Sharp have reminded us frequently, they join a legendary Hall of Fame. And rightfully so.

The Green Lantern Season 2 #10 is out now from DC Comics

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