Chris Evans Reportedly Plans A Captain America Return

by Erik Amaya

He can do this all day.

Deadline reports Chris Evans is working on a deal with Marvel to reprise his role as Captain America Steve Rogers in an upcoming project. According to their sources, the plan is for Evans to appear as Steve in at least one film — with the option of a second outing — which will be more akin to Robert Downey Jr‘s post-Iron Man 3 appearances. That is to say he’ll guest star in someone else’s film as opposed to staring in a fourth Captain America feature.

Almost makes you wonder if this has anything to do with the next Avengers feature Kevin Feige teased recently.

Evans was previously vocal about retiring from the role, even going as far to suggest he might retire from acting entirely. But it seems an idea has emerged which piqued his interest and led to negotiations. Although, as per Marvel Studios standard practice, no comment on Deadline’s report is forthcoming.

When we last saw Steve, he took the slow road back to 2023, aging decades and spending most of his life with Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell). Of course, because of the way time travel appears to work in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his return to Peggy led to a divergent timeline. This divergence may explain how a more youthful Captain America could regain his status in a subsequent MCU movie. Although, with the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier teasing the possibility of Sam (Anthony Mackie) becoming Captain America, maybe Steve will use an alternate identity like Nomad when he returns to active duty.

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