Gwendoline Christie Reportedly Joining Netflix’s Adaptation Of ‘The Sandman’

by Erik Amaya

Is Gwendoline Christie headed to the Dreaming?

Discussing Film reports the Game of Thrones and Star Wars veteran is in talks to appear in an undisclosed role. They also speculate she may be up for either Desire or one of Morpheus’s other sisters — the one whose name is not spoken when talking about The Sandman. Of course, as the 11-episode first season is meant to center on the material covered in the first seven issues of the comic book series, and “a little extra” according to creator Neil Gaiman, it is possible Christie could play one of the more one-off characters like a diner patron manipulated by John Dee, the more Bowie-esque take on Lucifer from issue #4, or one of the Magus’s group.

Of course, Gaiman’s comment about the first season containing a little more than the first story also leaves open the possibility for the rest of the Endless to have that fraught dinner from “Seasons of Mist” or a more direct tie from Desire to one of the recurring human characters. Another possibility: Christie could play the Corinthian.

It’s those possibilities which make the rumor so interesting. In fact, we’ll be watching this one closely in the hopes it turns out to be true and her part ends up being more unexpected.

The program, based on the comic book by Gaiman and artists like Sam Keith, Kelly Jones, and others, will debut on Netflix sometime in the next two years. It is the result of a decades long process to bring the trippy comic to the screen. Tom Sturridge will star as Morpheus, the Lord of Dreams who collects names the way most people collect friends. The first season will see him restoring his powers after a century of captivity on Earth. Gaiman, Krypton‘s David S. Goyer, and Wonder Woman‘s Allan Heinberg serve as executive producers. Production began in October.

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