Webcomic Weekly: ‘Sarah’s Scribbles’ Brings The Joy And Absurdity

by Richard Bruton

Webcomic Weekly is Comicon’s weekly look at, well, webcomics. Did I really have to explain that one?

Anyhow, this week it’s one you’ve most likely seen all over your social media feeds, all too often uncredited – Sarah’s Scribbles by Sarah Anderson.

Anderson’s been doing this for quite a while now, 700+ episodes, despite being ridiculously young. An illustrator as well as a comic maker, her Sarah’s Scribbles are just that wonderful zeitgeist grabbing thing, always seeming to hit exactly the right tone for the moment, latching onto exactly the right thing at the right time – hence why her work gets memed so often all across social media.

In Sarah’s Scribbles you get what you could call semi-autobiography or just moments of imagination, featuring Sarah, her friends, and a her pets. And over the years we’ve got more and more of an idea of what Anderson’s life is like, one little moment at a time.

Of course, this year’s been different for Sarah’s Scribbles as with all of us, but she’s still managed to find the comedy in lockdown for us to have something to smile at. So yes, we’ll see the joy of parcels, the ennui of lockdown life, the sense of wasting the entire day thinking about getting creative and then finally getting that spark of inspiration sometime around 2am. Yes, it’s modern life writ large a few panels at a time.


You can find Sarah’s Scribbles the webcomic here, you can find Anderson’s illustration site here. Follow her on Twitter, support her on Patreon and go and buy her work here or find her work published by Andrews McMeel at any good book store.

And just for good measure, a little example of her gorgeous illustration work as well…

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