Ablaze’s ‘The Cimmerian’ Continues With ‘Iron Shadows In The Moon’

by James Ferguson

Ablaze has announced its next entry in The Cimmerian, the uncensored adaptations of Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories with Iron Shadows in the Moon, debuting in April, written and illustrated by Virginie Augustin. I am curious how this works with Marvel’s licensing of the characters.

A young woman in danger is pursued by her vile master. Conan, whose family has just been wiped out by this same master, puts an end to the beauty’s pursuer, and saves her with a blow of his sword. Bound by fate, the couple decide to hit the road together. Their journey takes them to an island where they discover strange ruins inhabited by dark magic. Their paradise-like refuge soon turns into a suffocating nightmare where shadows lurk. Who knows the extent of the dangers that lie there?   They will quickly learn that on an island, the biggest threat does not always come from the outside…

Ablaze has also announced The Cimmerian: Volume 2 due out in June. This hardcover collects The People of The Black Circle and The Frost-Giant’s Daughter along with bonus material including the original Robert E. Howard prose stories.

“The Cimmerian line of comics and graphic novels continue to be some of the most popular and talked about titles that ABLAZE is releasing.” says Rich Young, Ablaze VP Creative/Business Development. “So happy to be announcing this newest series and Vol 2 collection. Stay tuned for more news as we continue to build on this fantastic publishing program.”

The Cimmerian: Iron Shadows in the Moon #1 will feature cover art by Virginie Augustin along with variants by Brian Level, Kajo Baldisimo, and Fritz Casas. It’s set for release on April 7th, 2021.

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