Art For Art’s Sake #88: When Life’s A Bitch… There’s A Bitchy Bitch Comic For That

by Richard Bruton

It’s the crappy middle-end of winter here in the UK, that bit where there’s absolutely nothing to look forward to except the few days of summer sometime around July or August. In the meantime, we plow through the wind and the rain all through January. Bleak is the word.

So, here we’re going to attempt to light up your dull days with some 4-colour wonder… it’s Art For Art’s Sake

Farel Dalrymple – Mister Miracle

Andrew Robinson does the Contessa Valentina Allegre de Fontaine and Fury…

Nolan Lee – Jenny Sparks

Phil Noto – X-Men

Mike ParobeckBatman Adventures

Rob Guillory – Peter Parker

Michael Cho – Plastic Man

Rich Kelly

Richard Corben – Hellboy

Rufus Dayglo – Harley & Tank Girl getting mashed…

Ryan Sook – The Shadow

Sergio Aragones… the one and only Groo…

Shade by Duncan Fegredo

Mike W Kaluta – Shadowcat

Rafael Albuquerque – Starman

Classic Steranko – Captain America

Mike Mitchell – Iron Man

And we shall end this week with the magnificent Roberta Gregory.

I first saw her work with her classic series, Naughty Bits, a blistering, take no prisoners book featuring Bitchy Bitch and Bitchy Butch and have loved what she does ever since then.

Her work includes plenty of Naughty Bits, best found in her Life’s A Bitch collection, but she’s also been a frequent and wonderful contributor to a slew of feminist and underground comics, including Wimmen’s Comix and Gay Comix.

You can see more of her work at

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