The ICE-Cast: Talking With Ann Nocenti About ‘The Seeds’, ‘Daredevil’, Typhoid Mary And So Much More

by Olly MacNamee

After something of an extended winter break, myself and co-host and founder of ICE-Cast, Shane Chebsey, returned this past week. and returned we did with another amazing and legendary guest! Having already interviewed the likes of Fabian Nicieza and modern masters like Charlie Adlard,  Ram V and Mike Perkins, this week we got to speak with the one and only Ann Nocenti. And while we did talk about her new comic book collection, The Seeds (with art by David Aja), from Dark Horse imprint Berger’s Books, it wasn’t long until we discussed her run on Daredevil, the mad-cap world of comics of that era and the time an ex-racing car driver that was hired for her got stopped for speeding.

As it’s the weekend, why not grab yourself your favourite drink, maybe a snack, and enjoy!

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