The Art Of Politics: January – Really, You Thought It Was Getting Better?

by Richard Bruton

The Art of Politics, Comicon’s monthly look at all the best of political cartooning around the world, political cartooning that often is so much more effective than thousands of words screaming into the wind. Because, right now, it’s January 2021 and the world really isn’t getting any better…

Here in the UK, January began with the prospect of schools reopening in a few days amidst reports of Covid numbers going through the roof, worse than ever before, after our wonderful government had made the oh so smart decision to completely ignore the scientists telling them that the smart move would have been to have imposed a lockdown through December.

Instead, we had no lockdown in December, we had a brand-new Covid variant here in the UK with 70% greater infection rates, and a Christmas where we were all allowed to mix at least a little bit on Christmas Day… yay us.

All of which meant we walked into January with Covid rising like never before, with hospitals and health experts saying this was going to be far worse than the initial Covid spike last March. And what do you know, all those smart people, all the scientists, all the medical experts… they were right.

Cue Boris coming onto our TV screens to tell us that, sadly, it was back into lockdown for us all and that those schools, which had been open for all of one day, were closing again…

Seamus Jennings

But we at least had the prospect of the vaccines coming out to make us see a light on the (distant) horizon.

And despite it all, despite the political ineptitude, the failings, the idiocy, we still had smart people in places running the NHS and rolling out the biggest public health response there’s ever been.

Nicola Jennings

Brian Adcock

Yet the Covid infections were on the rise, the hospitals were flooded like never before…

Ben Jennings

The Government, completely failing to catch the mood of the nation who were all busy shouting, ‘Yes, I will get a vaccination at 4am, just tell me where to go!’, decided that there was ‘not a clamour‘ for vaccinations after 8pm.

Martin Rowson again…

Meanwhile, in the midst of a lockdown, Boris, our glorious leader and Prime Minister, bless him, was found to be out cycling 7 miles away from home… do as we say, not as we do. You know, it’s almost like them in charge don’t actually give a toss what they do?

Peter Brooke

And all through the month, the numbers of dead rose and rose…

Ben Jennings on the UK’s growing Covid death toll, set to reach 100,000 before the end of January, one of the worst Covid fatality rates in the world…

Late in the month, as the UK death toll passed 100,000, Boris took another press conference and came out to tell the country that he took “full responsibility” for the government’s actions, saying: “We truly did everything we could,” and that he was “deeply sorry for every life lost.”

Dave Brown

Late in the month, Mother Nature decided that there really wasn’t enough misery going around what with dark nights, Covid, lockdowns, Brexit, having to teach your kids fronted adverbials 7 hours a day while you’re trying to work from home… and essentially flooded a lot of the country… gee, thanks.

But never fear, Bozza visited the affected regions…

Martin Rowson

And let’s not forget that, whilst all the Covid chaos was kicking in, we had the fallout from Brexit kicking in. How’d have ever thought that all the things all those smart, smart people said would happen if the UK crashed out of the European Union would actually happen. Yeah, absolutely.

Cue so many Brexiteers complaining that all the things that the smart people (Remoaners, Project Fear) said would happen actually started to happen…

Chris Riddell

Of course, it’s not just political cartoonists who tend to get political in the end times… here’s Will Simpson with his take on Boris and the Brexit cock-up…

Meanwhile, with Brexit doing everything that all the ‘Project Fear’ mongers pointed out that it would do, Scotland is marching towards another independence vote at some point in the future.

Boris, being Boris, decided that exactly what Scotland needed right now is a visit from the Prime Minister. Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s First Minister took a moment to compose the perfect response and pointed out that this was the very definition of non-essential travel. Oh, the japes.

Dave Brown

Steve Bell

As much of a shit show as the UK may have been, the US managed to step up with a shout of ‘Hold my beer’, where please God is he not gone yet President Trump decided to hold a rally in Washington DC calling on his supporters to march on Congress. Obviously, he meant that they should all march peacefully and protest outside the building, of course he did, because that’s just the sort of calm, rational politics Trump is all about, right?

Well, no surprise, it didn’t work out like that. Instead, we had armed protestors doing the unthinkable and storming Congress, overwhelming the Capitol Police and occupying the Capitol building, with scenes that shocked not just the USA but shocked the world.

Martin Rowson on that…

And on the worldwide response to it all

Trump, of course, decided that it was all just fine, that he absolutely hadn’t had anything to do with the violence that followed his speech and claimed that same speech was ‘totally appropriate.‘ Yeah right, Mr soon to be not the President.

Steve Bell

And Morten Morland

And David Rowe on the American Nero…

Despite Trump’s protestations of innocence, the US House of Representatives decided that, what do you know, Trump was actually inciting violence against the government of the United States and decided to charge him with that little fact.

Dave Brown

Steve Bell

And finally, all those big brave Republicans who’d backed Trumpet all the way through everything and anything he’d put out there decided that they suddenly felt a sense of outrage at the whole Capitol breach going on…

Chris Riddell

And then we get the late in the ninth moment where the House of Representatives decide to make history with a second impeachment for the Trump… no, it’s not really going to make a difference in the end of it all but at least the Orange Idiot will now be able to properly say he did something that no other President has ever managed to do before…

David Rowe

And finally, at last… 20th January 2021, the final moment of President Orange Tantrum and the inauguration of President Biden. I know it’s just another old white guy taking office, but at this point that’s a HUGE relief to so many people in America and around the world…

Morten Morland

Steve Bell

Brian Adcock

And again Steve Bell

Chris Riddell

Peter Schrank

Pia Guerra


And finally… Ruben Bollings taking beloved Schulz characters and turning them to evil use in Q-NUTS…

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