Review: ‘Stargazer’ #5 Delivers Otherworldly Sci-Fi Grounded In Family

by James Ferguson


Learn what’s really going on as the truth is revealed about the aliens and their mission on Earth. What does this mean for Shae and her brother, Kenny as we approach the end of this stellar sci-fi series?


The truth is out there…or rather, it’s in the desert. Shae, Hailey, and Adriana have had their second close encounter and learn first hand about what the aliens intend to do with our planet. This is not an exploratory mission, nor does it have anything to do with probing. It’s something far deadlier.

Stargazer has teased quite a lot about the aliens and their nature. This chapter puts it all on the table. Writer Anthony Cleveland lays everything out with a healthy amount of exposition, however it never feels text-heavy or overwhelming. I do wonder if some of this couldn’t have been seeded through previous chapters though.

This issue presents a unique look at the aliens and what they’re up to. While that’s a major part of the story, what continues to drive Stargazer is the relationship between Shae and her brother Kenny. That’s central to this tale and even the entire alien plot. This leads to a rather poignant moment as we get one more revelation. It’s the final quiet moment before the storm as the penultimate chapter of Stargazer comes to a close.

Artist Antonio Fuso’s designs for the aliens are just human-like enough to play in the uncanny valley. Their heads are a bit too big with large, pupil-less eyes. They also stand at least a foot taller than anyone else. I like how letterer Justin Birch uses proper case for the aliens’ speech, further differentiating them humans.

As some of the information is dropped in Stargazer #5, Fuso shifts the layout. Some of the more shocking moments are shown in pointed panels often shown at strange angles, mirroring how these characters’ world view is completely thrown off its axis.

Colorist Stefano Simeone is the star of Stargazer #5. Each scene has a unique color palette that instantly identifies it. The desert is filled with yellow and browns, giving it a drab and desolate atmosphere. This changes when the aliens show up, shifting to bright pinks, completely unnatural in this space. This extends out to the flashbacks as we learn more about what’s really going on.

Stargazer is a big, bold sci-fi comic. It’s full of mystery and intrigue, but what really drives it is family. It manages to tell an otherworldly story that’s grounded. That’s a unique combination and it works wonders here.

Stargazer #5 from Mad Cave Studios is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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