Ryan Tries To Rescue Forgotten Children On The Next ‘Batwoman’

by Erik Amaya

Because of the Big Game, Batwoman is taking next Sunday off. But when the program resumes on February 14th, Ryan (Javicia Leslie) will face a case of child abduction which recalls some painful memories. But will it lead to another candidate for the new Batwoman’s rogues gallery?

Meanwhile, we continue to be impressed with the changes to the show. We just hope the limited role for Jacob Kane (Dougray Scott) continues. Reducing his presence to the beginning and end of the episode definitely allowed it to flow better. The switches between Ryan’s plot, Alice’s (Rachel Skarsten) story, and the asides to Sophie (Meagan Tandy), Luke (Camrus Johnson), and Mary (Nicole Kang) flowed more naturally thanks to the reduction of just one character.

Although, ironically, Jacob did get the revelation of the hour — Kate was investigating art by Jack Napier before she disappeared. By using that name, the series seems to be implying the Joker’s aspirations as an artist paid off. But what does one of his paintings have to do with Safiyah (Shivaani Ghai)? Also, did she really spirit Kate away? That revelation landed awkwardly as the series cannot really fall back on its former star, but it can fuel Alice’s continued presence on the show for some time. And, it seems, we’ll see a little of that in the next episode as Luke becomes her target. We still love Alice, so anyway the show can make her continued presence seem natural is fine by us.

Batwoman airs Sundays on The CW.

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