Review: Fighting And Philosophy In ‘Future State: Swamp Thing’ #2 Foreshadows Great Things To Come

by Olly MacNamee


Swamp Thing faces an old enemy for the future of humanity. Sacrifices are made but a new hope emerges and grows at the far ends of time in the DCU.


Stories are built on conflict. And none more so than the superhero stories we all cherish so dearly. So it should come as no surprise that the second issue of the two-part Swamp Thing saga, Future State: Swamp Thing #2 regals the battle between Swamp Thing and a familiar nemesis. But the existentialist philosophy that accompanies this beat down may not be what you were expecting. Or maybe you were? After all, since Alan Moore’s tenure on this title, Swamp Thing has often been used as a canvas upon which to explore less superhero like moral and ethical dilemmas. And not juts environmental issues. All in all, this book bodes extremely well for the quality to expect from Ram V and Mike Perkins on their new Swamp Thing series debuting next month from DC Comics.

Ram V has never shied away from exploring thought-provoking ideas and themes one might not immediately associated with comic books. And certainly not superheroes. He is one of the few writers working in comic today that brings a certain sense of literary legitimacy to the form, with a writing style I have often referred to as more prosaic and often times more poetic that most comic books. It’s a style that certainly elevates any title he is associated with.

Thankfully, in Mike Perkins, he has an experiences artist partner who is more than up for the challenge. And in a book full of emotional highs and lows, you need an artist who can convey a wide range of emotions and tones too. All expressed through his artwork. Bold, thick, dark inky lines that convey the horror as well as the organic nature of the champion of the Green sit comfortably alongside detailed and complex panels of art, such as the anatomical figures he once again includes in this book. A spiritual sequel of sorts to Moore’s ‘Anatomy Lesson’ in some ways, but very much its own story as this closing issue deals with a DCU future that ultimately offers up hope for mankind. A mankind Swamp Thing has never given up on, even if it cost him dearly in the process.

Connecting the dots between this far-flung future version of Swampy as well as the groundwork laid out in last year’s Legends Of The Swamp Thing Halloween Spectacular #1, Ram V and Mike Perkins have already sown the seeds for what promises to be a critical and fan favourite series. And I can’t wait to see where the two of them take us in the month to come. With two tasty starters having now been serves by these two, I’m ready for the main course. Vegetarian, of course.

Future State: Swamp Thing #2 is out now from DC Comics.

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