James Tynion IV Reveals Newest Batman Rogue, Miracle Molly

by Olly MacNamee

In James Tynion IV’s latest newsletter – which is always a great source for news on the various titles he is currently writing (The Department of Truth, Batman, Wynd, Razorblades) – he reveals yet another new character set to debut in full in Batman #108. Miracle Molly is part of a gang called The Unsanity Collective and designed by Batman artists Jorge Jimenez.

Tynion IV writes:

“The Unsanity Collective are a high tech gang of thieves who use technology to erase and reset their memories, so they can let go of all the fear and trauma holding themselves back. Miracle Molly builds all of their hardware. She’s unlike any of the other characters I’ve written in and around Gotham, and I fucking LOVE her. So I hope you love reading about her, too…”

He also went on to reveal Jorge’s redesign for the Scarecrow, who will have a big part to play in upcoming issues of Batman, and getting him back to “something that looks like it would be hanging on a post in a field.”

It seems like a new dawn in Gotham City with Tynion IV’s run has already givien fans characters such as Clownhunter and, of course, Punchline. Now you can add Miracle Molly and the Unsanity Collective to the list too. A list that keeps getting longer and longer.

Like other memorable writers before him, it looks like Tynion IV will be leaving a memorable mark on the Batman legacy. As for Batman, it looks like he’ll have his hands pretty full for a long while yet with this new explosion of colourful criminals to contend with.

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