Preview: The Council Of Firsts Emerge From The Shadows In ‘American Vampire 1976’ #5

by Olly MacNamee

Written by Scott Snyder
Art by Rafael Albuquerque
Colour art by Dave McCaig

Skinner, Pearl, Book, and the rest of the team are finally united in their mission to stop the Beast from world domination, but the missing key to their success is protected by a council of preeminent ancestral monsters with an axe to grind. These are the progenitors of some of the world’s most iconic folkloric species, and the victims of a broken American promise. Desperate for the council’s assistance, Skinner’s crew becomes a captive audience to their tale of betrayal – but the chilling insight saps all hope of recruiting their help. With only a few days to spare before terror is unleashed, the team must convince the legends that humanity is worth preserving, and that history may still bend toward redemption.”

American Vampire 1976 #5 is out Tuesday 9th February from DC Comics/ DC Black Label

American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #5American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #5American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #5American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #5American Vampire 1976 (2020-) #5

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