Art For Art’s Sake #91: Lurve Is In The Art

by Richard Bruton

Art For Art’s Sake, where soppiness and romance fills the air for Valentine’s Day. So pour yourself a romantic drink, open that box of chocs and enjoy the comic art-and always, always take time to tell your loved ones how much you love them.

Romance in Schulz‘ Peanuts – poor old Charlie Brown

Love Is Love – cover by Elsa Charretier – published in 2016, Love Is Love was a book paying tribute to the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando – 144 pages featuring characters from many different publishers, all in the cause of love.

Batwoman pinup by Rafael Albuquerque, from Love Is Love.

And this Harley and Ivy from Love is Love by Paul Dini and drawn by Bill Morrison

A little Spidey and his favourite red-head… Russell Dauterman & Matt Wilson

And thinking of Spider-Man and love… I have always loved this series – Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane written by Sean McKeever and drawn by Takeshi Miyazawa

Heartstopper by Alice Oseman

Bingo Love – art by Jenn St-Onge

Harley and the Bat – Amanda Conner

Teen Titans Go! (Romantic) – Dave Bullock

Mysteries of Love in Space – Joelle Jones

Bill Walko

Cutest couple in comics? Francine and Katchoo from Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise


Alex Toth fromMy Only Love #3 “The Loveliest of All”

Connie Suns Less Bitter Hearts

Love Story – a classic tale of love… Mega-City One style. When Bella Bagley is saved by Judge Dredd, the poor woman falls in love with him. But of course, Dredd only has love for the law… Love Story frim 2000 AD Prog #444, 1985, written by John Wagner and Alan Grant, art by Ian Gibson.

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