Preview: The Perfect Intro To The Brilliance Of Tillie Walden’s ‘Alone In Space’ Collection

by Richard Bruton

If you’ve read any of Tillie Walden‘s books or comics, you’ll know what an incredible talent she is and a massive hardback collection of her early works will be a valued addition to your bookshelf. If you’ve not read any of Tillie Walden‘s books or comics… well, I’m jealous that you’ll get a wonderful chance to discover genius with Alone In Space

Tillie Walden is a cartoonist and illustrator from Austin, Texas. She first published three original graphic novels with Avery Hill Publishing, The End of Summer, I Love This Part, and A City Inside, before going on to create her Eisner Award winning graphic memoir, Spinning (First Second, 2017). After Spinning, she created On A Sunbeam (Avery Hill Publishing, 2018), which was originally published as a webcomic. Her latest graphic novel, Are You Listening? (First Second, 2019), won the Eisner for Best Graphic Novel in 2020 and her first picture book is due out in 2021.

Alone In Space is a new hardback collection of Tillie’s three long-form comics with Avery Hill Publishing: I Love This PartThe End Of Summer, and A City Inside. Plus the early sketches, short comics for magazines and webcomics such as What It’s Like To Be Gay In An All-Girls Middle School that established her reputation as an amazing young talent.

Alone in Space is a massive 324-page hardback edition, published on 10th June in the UK and on 6 July in the USA by Avery Hill Publishing.

Walden’s work is the epitome of the adage that when you’re good enough, you’re old enough. Her first graphic novel, The End Of Summer, came about when a 17-year-old Walden got an email from Ricky, the boss at Avery Hill Publishing asking her to do a book. It took her a year to agree and The End Of Summer was the result – a tale of twins, Lars and his sister Maja, a beautiful and poignant fantasy tale containing elements of autobiography from Walden and her own twin brother.

It was just the start of a brilliant career that’s simply gone from strength to strength, with Walden jumping genres and styles with ease – and the chance to experience these earliest works, whether it’s for the first or the 100th time is a wonderful thing indeed.

You can see more of Walden’s work at her website and pre-order Alone In Space from anywhere great graphic novels are sold, including the Avery Hill website.




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