Advance Review: ‘The Department Of Truth’ #6 Delivers An Alternative Medieval History And An Illuminating Revelation

by Olly MacNamee


We get an interlude from the main storyline in The Department of Truth #6, but an important one nonetheless. We delve into Medical history and learn how far back the conspiracy culture of the series goes. A book that will drag you into its story and smack you with a rather illuminating revelation at the end too. A revelation that will have a part to play in the present.


The Department of Truth #6 is something of a break from your usually scheduled programming with an interesting dip into history and a Medieval tale of conspiracies and Catholics. And the rise of one group of people you simply cannot ignore if you’re comic us all about crack pot conspiracies that can come to life. 

James Tynion IV gives the readers a break, but in doing so begins to reveal more behind the wizards curtain with this tale depicted as though part of a Medieval manuscript by guest artist Elsa Charretier and colour artist Matt Hollingsworth. It’s a sharp departure from Martin Simmonds more dense and textured painted pages, but an appropriate style for this  illuminating interlude. An interlude that sees a travelling monk listen and learn about an alternative take on the Crusades and the rise of the Ottoman Empire at the cost of the decline of the roman Empire. Like all good stories, it will drag you in. 

Of course, the history of the world can be viewed quite easily as a history of certain conspiracies being used as a tool for social control and cohesion. A story we cab all rally around can have both positive and negative consequences, but it’s the negative consequences this series is more interested in picking at. History is written by the winners, and often embellished too. It’s something this little old, but wise, lady is something of an expert on. After all, she herself has been cast as the wicked witch by the locals, and it’s certainly a stereotypical and damaging representation of the elderly that is still upheld today whenever we tell a new generation stories of gingerbread house and poisoned apples. Stories, as we are often reminded about in this series, have power.

If you are still reading this series then you’ll have no problem with the lengthy exposition included in each issue. All the better for painting a more textured and layered alternative history of the world, but carefully treading a line so as not to reveal too much at once. Although what is revealed in this issue is something fo a bombshell. Even in a series full of them thus far.

The Department of Truth #6 is out Wednesday 24th February from Image Comics

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