Jordan Offers Clark Strong Words In The Next Episode Of ‘Superman & Lois’

by Erik Amaya

The transition to life in Smallville is not going as easily as Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) or Lois (Elizabeth Tulloch) would like. And considering the strong words Jordan (Alex Garfin) uses in this promo for the next Superman & Lois, maybe they should’ve stayed in Metropolis.

And, to be honest, we don’t think Jordan is entirely wrong. Although Clark would’ve still been downsized and Lois would’ve confronted Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) before too long anyway, the move has yet to prove beneficial. With Edge convincing the town to work for him, Jonathan (Jordan Elsass) facing all that pressure at school, and Jordan seemingly less super than he appeared at the end of the pilot, things don’t seem all that great. Then again, the show is revolving around something neither Clark nor Lois can easily fix with their core competencies. Jordan and Jonathan’s problems would be all-consuming even if Clark didn’t have a Multiversal refugee trying to end in his life.

Okay, let’s talk about that Stranger (Wolé Parks) for a moment. It’s clear he’s from another reality, but is it one the Earth-X Superman (also Hoechlin) invaded or was that black suit Kal-El a homegrown aspect his reality? In earlier moments last night, we even suspected the Stranger might be from the Injustice reality — which would’ve be a nice twist considering Earth-Prime still believes it stands alone. Nevertheless, the introduction of this new antagonist and his backstory may reveal to Clark that the Crisis only reset the Multiverse instead of collapsing it.

Which would be some heady stuff for a show more focused on the difficulties of raising teenage boys.

Also, we really don’t like Kyle Cushing (Erik Valdez) at this point. He’s a little too obvious with his down-home shtick. It smacks of a strawman and we’d much rather see Lana (Emanuelle Chirqui) with some who makes a little bit of sense. Right now, he’s just too much Brad from Superman III to fit in the ensemble. Maybe he’s not meant to be a long-term character? If he ends up representing Edge’s interest on a week-to-week basis he will need to become more multilayered because the cartoon act is a disservice to what the show seemingly wants to say about the death of small towns.

Of course, it’s still early in the run, so we’ll see how the program irons out these wrinkles.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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