Michelle Gomez Joins ‘Doom Patrol’ For Season 3

by Erik Amaya

Michelle Gomez is a sensation wherever she goes — be it Doctor Who, Doctor Who conventions, Chilling Tales of Sabrina or non-genre fair like HBO Max’s The Flight Attendant. And it seems she will be bringing some of her magic to the third season of Doom Patrol. Deadline reports she has joined the series as Madame Rogue, a person with a very specific reason for meeting the team. Unfortunately, she cannot remember what it is.

The character was created by Arnold Drake and Bruno Premiani in 1964 as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil. The Brain, another member of the Brotherhood, performed surgery on her brain in order to suppress her “good” personality after a car accident left her with a form of dissociative identity disorder. That personality would ultimately resurface, leading the character to start a romance with Niles Caulder (played by Timothy Dalton on the show), but when the “bad” persona returned, she declared an all out war on both the Brotherhood and the Doom Patrol.

Which all suggests the Brotherhood will finally makes its debut on the series. And considering how weird, wonderful, and strange it has been up to this point, we can’t wait to see how they make the Brotherhood work alongside the group’s true antagonists: their own traumas.

Like Titans and Harley Quinn, Doom Patrol made the leap from DC Universe to HBO Max as WarnerMedia accelerated the timetable for moving most of its assets to the HBO-branded platform and converted the DC one into a comics-only service. Its second season simulcast on both DC Universe and HBO Max to apparent success, although, we still expect the budgets for all three shows were locked in well before AT&T took control of Warner. Whether or not that means a fourth season is in the cards for Doom Patrol depends on its relative success in the coming year.

But with Gomez onboard, how could it not be a success? She is a sensation after all.

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