AfterShock Offers Up ‘We Live: The Last Days’ #1 For FCBD 2021

by Olly MacNamee

This year’s Free Comic Book Day gets moved to August 14th because of you-know-what, and AfterShock Comics are one of the first to show what they’ve got. And what they’ve got is a special free issue of We Live for fans. We Live: The Last Days #1 once more transports readers back to the world of the hit comic book series from Roy and Inaka Miranda, with Eva de la Cruz on colour art and Dave Sharpe on lettering.

And as a “Gold Sponsor” it means We Live: The Last Days #1 will be available in all stores taking part in FCDB 2021.

Cover: Inaki Miranda

“Before Tala and Hototo began their long journey, there was the beginning of the end of Earth as we know it. In the days after the bracelets fell to earth, a group of young friends embarked on a journey to find one of their own. In the Broken Lands, on the adventure of their lifetimes, these friends face the seedy world of Bracelet Diggers—the dark underground of criminals dealing life-saving bracelets, to those who can afford it most.

We Live: The Last Days offers another look at the intriguing world of WE LIVE—a look no less whimsical…or heartbreaking.”

With AfterShock now announcing their FCBD offerings, it won’t be too long until we hear from other publishers too. And when we do, we’ll let you know.

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