Reign Of X: The Hellfire Gala X-Men Fashion Revealed!

by Tony Thornley

Just a few months ago, X of Swords changed the very fabric of the X-Men’s new Krakoan status quo. Now, with the dust still settling from that massive event, the Hellfire Gala promises to set Marvel’s merry mutants on their path to the future. Marvel has revealed the fashion of the Gala in a whopping twelve variant covers for June’s X-Men titles.

As revealed yesterday on Entertainment Weekly, the Hellfire Gala promises to not just be important to the Reign of X era but to the idea of mutant culture as a whole. These fashions are entirely and uniquely mutant, with many requiring the characters’ powers to even make it work. Also, it’s no surprise to see the ultimate mutant fashionista, Emma Frost, has at least three separate looks planned for the event.

In this June mini-event, every X-Men book, plus the double-sized Planet-Size X-Men one shot, gets in on the action. The Gala promises to be a night that will change both the X-Men and the entire Marvel Universe forever. As hinted by writer Gerry Duggan, the story may even contain more than one “red” issue, the shorthand in the Krakoa era for a key, story altering issue.

But the highlight here is on the fashion, and let me say, this is a big deal. Marvel’s greatest artists are designing high fashion takes for each character, with the charge being led by Russell Dauterman.

“X-Men costumes are one of my favorite things. As a teenager that’s what I would draw the most—doodles of an X-character in all their looks. So, I’m absolutely thrilled—designing costumes for the mutants is top-of-the-list, dream job stuff,” Dauterman told Entertainment Weekly. “The Hellfire Gala is unique and exciting for the X-Men, and this opportunity is really special for me—I tried to have that come across in the character designs. As Emma Frost said, ‘The whole world is watching us now. We must be nothing less than fabulous.’”

“My general thought was that the Gala aesthetic should be high-fashion X-Men costumes (mutant clothes), not high-fashion human clothes. So I looked at a lot of fashion reference, but tried to think, ‘What would the X-costume version of this be?’ The looks reference and take inspiration from couture by Alexander McQueen, Iris van Herpen, Balmain, Moschino, Givenchy, Versace, Gaultier, Gucci, and more. I also drew from the characters’ past costumes. When I started the project, I was on a Zoom call with the X-writers and editors—we talked about the general direction for the designs, and they sent me reference that they’d been collecting. That was a super helpful jumping off point that I built on with my own research.”

Read more of Dauterman’s thoughts on and be sure to check out the Hellfire Gala in June. Meanwhile, take a look at the twelve design variant covers, with some of our thoughts, in the slideshow below!


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