The ICE-Cast Live: Talking With ‘Resident Alien’ Creators Peter Hogan And Steve Parkhouse

by Olly MacNamee

We leave you this Saturday with another episode of The ICE-Cast Live podcast. This week was something of an exclusive as we managed to get both artist Steve Parkhouse and Peter Hogan together to discuss Resident Alien. And in a week when we heard it was going to be renewed for a secede s Eason. Talk about fortuitous timing.

We discussed the comic book series (obviously), the show and more. Alan Moore that is, whom they have both worked with. So why wouldn’t we, right?

Another enjoyable hour of chat with two longtime comic book creators who’ve waited almost a decade to see this Dark Horse comic transfer to the small screen. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy co-hosting. As ever f you like what you see, please consider liking and/or subscribing. Or, watch us live each and every Thursday at 3pm (ET)/12pm(PT)/8pm(GMT).

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