Image Comics Offers Up A First Look At Graphic Novel ‘Jim Lives’

by Olly MacNamee

Louche rock star and junkie, Jim Morrison, of the immensely over-rated California band, The Doors, died 50 years ago this year. And as well as a new graphic novel from Z2 Comics’ Morrison Hotel marking this milestone, Image Comics have also got their own Morrison-starring series with Jim Lives: the Mystery of the Lead Singer of The Doors and the 27 Club. And now we get our first preview at this speculative fiction ahead of its summer release.

Paolo Baron and Ernesto Carbonetti re-team for Jim Lives: The Mystery of the Lead Singer of The Doors and the 27 Club, that riffs off the conspiracy theory that Jim Morrison never died. This is the second standalone graphic novel in the trilogy, following last year’s release Paul Is Dead, and will be out from Image Comics in June 2021.

As for the exotic Italian setting of this graphic novel? Well, sometimes life can be stranger than fiction, as Baron reveals:

“Would you believe me if I told you that right here, in the small village in southern Italy where I set the story, I met Superman jogging on the beach? (Check out his Instagram: Henry Cavill, July 2019). So, why couldn’t Jim Morrison be here too?”

Carbonetti added:

“Drawing stories like Jim’s—I mean stories with Rock legends—is a much more intimate experience than listening to their records. Now it’s no longer them giving something to you, it’s you giving them something back.”

As for the plot?

“Amid the intense colors of a foreign land, Jim Lives is the story of a man searching for his son—a correspondent for a popular American newspaper—who vanished into thin air after sending one last, enigmatic message: “Jim Morrison isn’t dead. He’s hiding out in Italy. I saw him with my own eyes.”

A fascinating new vision of the most mysterious legend in the history of rock that envisions what happened ‘When the Music’s Over.'”

Jim Lives original graphic novel will be available on Wednesday, June 16th and in bookstores on Tuesday, June 22th.




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