Review: ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #62 Delivers Pet Problems And Family Drama

by James Ferguson


Adorable little Gog is under attack and only Spider-Man can save him. Although Kindred is still sidelined, some dangling plot threads start to come together in exciting fashion. Plus, check out Spidey’s new suit in action!


The Kingpin makes his move to take out Boomerang by hitting him where it hurts: his pet Gog. Spider-Man looks to not only save Gog’s life, but save others from Gog when he once again grows into a giant monster capable of causing all kinds of destruction. Meanwhile, Robbie Robertson finally gets to spend some time with his son…only to find out about the kid’s villainous girlfriend.

I’ve long criticized Nick Spencer’s run on Amazing Spider-Man for having way too many dangling plot threads. He has a tendency to introduce a bunch of ideas and not really provide closure on them. This issue and the one before start to tie up a few of those loose ends and they’re coming together in a pretty satisfying way. There’s still a lot to clean up, but I’m digging it so far.

While I’m still not sure where some of this is going, particularly the bits with Kingpin and Gog, Amazing Spider-Man #62 produces some pretty awesome action scenes. Artist Patrick Gleason turns in some dynamic layouts as the wall-crawler races to put the collar back on Gog to return him to his smaller size. Spidey seems to bend and stretch, really showing off his agility as he swings through the air. Gleason delivers some great angles too, showing alternate views of the city beneath the hero as he struggles to reconfigure it in mid-air.

The web-head’s inner narration keeps this moving at a brisk pace. I love how letterer Joe Caramagna breaks the sentences up into caption boxes with one or two words. This really heightens the tension, particularly as Spidey swings in for his big move.

Spider-Man’s new costume really shines in this issue. I sincerely hope we get to see this for more than a couple issues, which is usually the case with any new duds the hero dons. Colorist Edgar Delgado makes this pop on the page with a glowing yellow in the eyes and the spider emblem that cuts through the dark of the night.

This takes up the bulk of the issue, with the Robertson family drama wrapping things up. When this idea was first introduced ages ago, it felt like a fun, throwaway element, but it comes together really well here, building to a solid cliffhanger for this chapter.

While Kindred is still very much a threat, he’s been sidelined for now. Fortunately, some other plot threads are getting tied up in some nice bows while moving the overall story forward. The wall-crawler definitely has his hands full, but that’s when things get the most interesting.

Amazing Spider-Man #62 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

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