‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Reveals Janeway’s Status, Series Location, And An “Original Series” Tease

by Erik Amaya

Closing out a day of Star Trek First Contact Day presentations on the official Star Trek site, Star Trek: Prodigy star Kate Mulgrew and executive producers Kevin and Dan Hageman revealed a few details about the upcoming animated series. Aimed at younger viewers, the program — set in 2383 — will revolve around a group of aliens in the Delta Quadrant who find an abandoned Starfleet vessel and Janeway (Mulgrew), a Starfleet Training Hologram, who aids them as they take control of the ship and begin trekking through the stars.

Though the program will introduce new Delta Quadrant species, some old favorites, including a link back to an “Original Series” character, will appear as part of the program’s mission statement is to introduce children to the expansive world of Star Trek. A noble purpose as the fan base always needs to be replenished. Thankfully, Star Trek is a generational thing and the new animated series will definitely help older fans bring their children into the fold.

Star Trek: Prodigy debuts on Paramount+ later this year.

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