Celebrate The 20th Anniversary Of ‘Invader Zim’ With Jhonen Vasquez This August

by Richard Bruton

Invader ZIM: The Dookie Loop Horror brings us the final single-issue Invader Zim with the return of his creator, Jhonen Vasquez.

Yes, it’s been 20 years since Jhonen Vasquez‘s creation appeared, and to celebrate Oni-Lion Forge are bringing us the final single-issue, Invader ZIM: The Dookie Loop Horror in August 2021, written by Jhonen Vasquez and Eric Trueheart, with illustrations by Aaron Alexovich, colors by Fred C. Stresing, and lettering by Warren Wucinich.

“In Invader ZIM: Dookie Loop Horror, up in the sky, something…BLUE approaches. And it smells HORRIBLE. It turns out that interdimensional creatures called Chrono-Dumpers eat time and use our dimension as a toilet, creating an infinite time loop. There is no escape from the time poop loop, forcing Dib and ZIM to live the same TERRIBLE day forever. They wake, the tuxedoed pig farts, the world ends. And the key to fixing the loop is GIR. We are all DOOMED.”

Yep, that sounds pretty much how an Invader ZIM ending should go! I’m especially looking forward to the tuxedoed pig with bowel issues.

Invader ZIM has been published in single-issue comics and collected trade paperbacks by Oni Press since 2015. Other Invader ZIM titles coming in 20201 include Invader ZIM: Best of Creatures, Invader ZIM Quarterly Collection: Oodles of Doom, the Invader ZIM Vol. 5: Deluxe Edition, and Invader ZIM: Best of Skool.

Variant covers of the oversize 32-page final issue will feature art by Jhonen Vasquez, Cole Ott, J.R. Goldberg, and Aaron Alexovich.

Invader ZIM: The Dookie Loop Horror will be available on August 4th, 2021, in stores and online via comiXology.

“When I heard that we were reaching the final issue of the Invader ZIM comics, I immediately started thinking of ways to end it as stupidly as possible, which is a pretty big challenge considering the levels of stupid the comic had already gone to. My only hope is that when people read it, their brains won’t work anymore. That’s how I’ll know we did our jobs right.” – Jhonen Vasquez.



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