Marvel’s Strangest Hero Returns In July With ‘Moon Knight’ #1

by Tony Thornley

Marc Spector has had one of the most difficult heroic paths in the Marvel Universe. However, this July, he returns in a new ongoing series to continue to protect those who travel at night in Moon Knight #1.

From rising star writer Jed MacKay and up-and-coming artist Alessandro Cappuccio, with a cover by artist Steve McNiven, the Fist of Khonshu’s new series promises to be an exciting new chapter in the character’s wild history. The character has battled monsters, madmen, and mental illness. This run promises to honor his past while blazing ahead on new paths.

Mister Knight has founded the Midnight Mission for those travelers who need refuge from the weird and terrible. The vengeful Moon Knight protects the residents of the Mission, bringing violence to any who desire to do them harm. Marc Spector has to juggle each of these responsibilities while acting as jailer to the unworthy god that has given him his power. Have no doubt though- no matter what, he will not falter in his mission to protect those who travel by night.

“I’m very excited to be working with Alessando Cappuccio on the continuing adventures of one of Marvel’s biggest messes- Moon Knight!” MacKay said. “In the wake of his disastrous attempt to take over the world in the “Age of Khonshu,” Marc Spector (et al) has retreated to what he knows- busting heads on the streets. But despite betraying his god to the Avengers, the Fist of Khonshu’s obligations remain the same- to protect those travelling at night. Apostate priest of the moon god, the mysterious Mr. Knight has opened the doors of his Midnight Mission, where those in fear of the weird and strange may petition for the aid of the Moon Knight! But this doesn’t sit well with everyone, and hidden threats circle Marc’s new start from the shadows…”

“When Tom Brevoort contacted me to work on the new Moon Knight series, I couldn’t believe it,” Cappucio said. “Debuting in Marvel Comics with one of my favorite characters is a dream come true! The story is a new beginning for Moon Knight, Jed did an excellent job as usual on the scripts and I’m delighted to be working with a professional of his caliber.”

Watch for Moon Knight #1 this summer, as the series debuts on July 7, and keep your eye out for more news about the series right here.

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