Heartwarming And Blood-Chilling — ‘Wonder Egg Priority’ Reviewed

by Tito W. James

Wonder Egg Priority follows a young girl who is given a mysterious egg in a dream. When it hatches, she gains a new friend, but she must also face the world of her worst nightmares.

The show gave me vibes similar to Magical Girl Madoka in that it’s about a group of girls fighting monsters in a dark world hiding behind a veil of cuteness. However, unlike every other post-Madoka magical girl show, Wonder Egg Priority doesn’t substitute depth with darkness.

The monster slaying and the horror are the B-plot, letting the complex and well-realized characterization take center stage. At times heartwarming and at other times blood-chilling, Wonder Egg Priority is an emotional roller-coaster. The first twelve episodes had me on the edge of my seat and hint at a larger story that could play out in a second season.

You can watch Wonder Egg Priority now on Funimation.

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