X-Men: The Reign Of X Continues With New Series This Summer!

by Tony Thornley

Marvel’s super-popular X-Men line continues its creative renaissance this summer. With new launches the next few months leading up to the Hellfire Gala, the aftermath of that event will be felt across three new series.

Reign of X teaser by Mahmud Asrar from Fall 2020

As announced this week, Children of the Atom, X-Corp, and Way of X aren’t the end of the line’s new launches. Following June’s Hellfire Gala, the launches will continue with a new series every month from creators such as Gerry Duggan, Pepe Larraz, Leah Williams, Valerio Schiti, and ‘Head of X’ himself Jonathan Hickman.

In July, Duggan and Larraz take over the flagship X-Men series with a new #1. It’s easy to assume that the title will follow the new official superhero team of Krakoa, and probably specifically spinning out of the events of the team’s Planet-Size X-Men in June.

That will be followed in August by a mysterious new #1 from Williams and Schiti. It looks like that classified bar is covering up the title “The Trial.” Is a character or group being put on trial? If so, who? Or is it the more broad definition of Trial, maybe the name of an event like the Crucible? We’ll see soon.

Last but not least, in August, Head of X Hickman is joined by a still-classified artist on a new series. Considering the circular logo not unlike X-Men’s, is this a return of one of the X-Men titles of the past- Uncanny, New, or Astonishing maybe? Or is it something else entirely?

Regardless, this news promises a hell of a ride for fans of Marvel’s merry mutants this year! Keep an eye out for more information very soon!

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