Up The Arsenal! Titan Comics To Release ‘Arsenal FC: The Game We Love’.

by Richard Bruton

New licensed graphic novel to celebrate the Gunners in Arsenal FC: The Game We Love.

Titan Comics announced this week that they’re kicking off a new genre (for them at least) with the release of Philippe Glogowski‘s Arsenal FC: The Game We Love.

This officially licensed graphic novel tells ‘a personal story told through the lens of one of the most popular football clubs in the world,’ that ‘brings the club’s history to life through full-colour illustrations and a gripping storyline of family dynamics.’

“New stepfather Andy takes his stepson Nathan to his first football match and shares with him the club’s history, including the ‘The Invincibles’ season of 2003/04, the record-breaking FA Cup win in 2017, and the construction of Emirates Stadium.”

The graphic novel is the creation of Philippe Glogowski who is behind both the script and dynamic artwork. He captures some of Arsenal’s greatest matches, the excitement of match days, and the emotions of being a lifelong football supporter.

Glogowski has been a freelance graphic designer since 1985, working as a letterer, illustrator and scriptwriter for the magazine Spirou. His first book, Les Lansquenets, was published in 1989.

“For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been interested in telling stories and interested in football. So when I had the opportunity to create a comic about my favourite sport, I jumped at it. It’s a great privilege to work on the Arsenal project. – Philippe Glogowski

The hardcover book will be released on 4th May 2021 and will be available in all good comic shops and book shops.

After too many years without many football comics, we’re hopefully seeing a small resurgance with this new Titan series coming alongside Rebellion’s succesful reboot of Roy of the Rovers continuing with three novels and three graphic novels a year. These sort of books are great for getting non comics readers into the medium we all love and I’m really hoping that Titan will be expanding the line-up of these football books and covering more football clubs in time.

The last time something like this came out was in 2013, where veteran football artist Bob Bond came out with four comic history books on Arsenal, Liverpool, Tottenham, and Manchester United. At the time, there was talk of more and of getting the books into the official club shops, where there’s a fanbase already built in for the works. And the more of those football mad kids that pick up football comics, the more chance there is that some of them will become comics and football fans.

Now, a little bit of art from the book…

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