Batman And Son: Previewing ‘Batman Black & White’ #5

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Lee Weeks

Written by: Jamal Campbell, Kieron Gillen, Jorge Jimenez, Mariko Tamaki, Lee Weeks
Pencils: Jamal Campbell, Jorge Jimenez, Emanuela Lupacchino, Jamie McKelvie, Amy Reeder, James Stokoe, Lee Weeks
Inks: Jamal Campbell, Jorge Jimenez, Jamie McKelvie, Amy Reeder, James Stokoe

“The penultimate issue of the acclaimed return to Batman Black & White is here with a look at some of Gotham City’s most twisted and compelling souls.
• Superstar Batman artist Jorge Jimenez writes and illustrates a story starring Bruce and Damian Wayne as they try to prepare for a sting operation as Batman and Robin, with Damian questioning Bruce’s methods every step of the way.
• Multiple Eisner Award-winning writer of Detective Comics Mariko Tamaki and fan-favorite artist Emanuela Luppachino show what’s become of Gilda Dent, former bride of Two-Face and current scourge of super- villains.
• Jamal Campbell, acclaimed co-creator of Naomi and Green Lantern Jo Mullein from Far Sector, tells a story that spans the full history of Nightwing.
• Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie, the celebrated team behind Phonogram, Young Avengers, and The Wicked + the Devine, make their DC debut with a story that pits Batman against the Riddler in a way you’ve never seen before!
• And finally, legendary comics artist Lee Weeks writes and draws a story that has the ghosts of Jim Gordon’s past coming back to haunt him!”

Batman Black & White #5 is out Tuesday 27th April from DC Comics

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