CEX Publishing’s Inaugural ‘Stud And The Bloodblade’ Set To Drop July 2021

by Brendan M. Allen

After more than a decade of championing new creators through online education and a unique publishing program, Comics Experience is evolving. Comics Experience Publishing (CEX) launches in July with all-new creator-owned comics. Readers and retailers can pre-order CEX books through Diamond or through CEX Publishing’s website.

Founded by Andy Schmidt, the focus for CEX is on the comics. Their core values are listed as:

  1. Prioritize great comics storytelling and storytellers over IP farming
  2. Target marketing efforts to each book’s unique audience
  3. 100% creator-owned. 100% creator-controlled. 

“It really just came down to the industry needing a publisher like this. That’s not any knock against a lot of other great publishers, but we need something simple and straightforward that takes a long-term approach to the health of creators and the market overall,” says President/Publisher Andy Schmidt. “We’re not in the IP business, we’re in the comics-making business. The simplicity of ‘Treat people the way you’d want to be treated if you were in their shoes’ should be more common than it is. That’s the backbone of CEX.”

“Letting creators create shouldn’t be a radical idea,” says Publishing Director Bon Alimagno. “Bringing the best ideas to market shouldn’t come at the expense of creator ownership and control. And in 2021, every tool available, whether online or offline, should be embraced to connect creators with retailers and readers. We’re not going to be afraid to challenge the old ways of doing things. That’s the only way to drive the comic book industry towards what it always strives to be: more surprising, more diverse, and more global than any other.”

CEX’s first release is slated for July 2021 with Stud and the BloodBlade #1, a Kickstarter-backed new limited series by Perry Crowe and Jed Dougherty

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