Stakes The Landing: ‘Castlevania’ Season 4 Reviewed

by Tito W. James


Castlevania’s Final Season delivers thrills, intrigue, and a satisfying conclusion.

The series as a whole shows the creative potential for video game adaptations and delivers the best vampire story to date.


In Castlevania Season 4, vampire hunters Trevor and Sypha must unravel a conspiracy with the aim of bringing their archenemy, Dracula, back from the depths of Hell. Meanwhile, Alucard must fight against an onslaught of night-creatures that besiege a defenseless village.

If Season 3 felt like a setup, then Season 4 is a huge payoff. All the characters – human and vampire – deliver authentic and satisfying arcs. Warren Ellis’s knowledge of the occult and penchant for the macabre give the series a unique flavor. Ellis’s versatility as a writer allows the show to be emotional and philosophical, and then veer into the darkly comedic.

Powerhouse Animation Studios dishes out the bloodiest, most visceral, and well-choreographed battle scenes in an animated series. It’s impossible not to crack a smile during an extended homage to Berserk. Each of the characters’ unique weapons and powers are utilized to their fullest, making each fight a character progression.

As a longtime fan of the Castlevania animated series, I’m thrilled that they went out on such a high note. Viewing the series as a whole, it’s an amazing accomplishment and a pivotal show in Adult Animation history.

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