Vampires And Galactic Empires: ‘The VI Empire’ Hits Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Ron Marz and Creation.Ink have launched The VI Empire on Kickstarter. The campaign offers, for the first time in print, a deluxe hardcover of The VI Empire, by Max Akbar, Stuart Moore and Val Semeiks, with new cover art by Paul Pelletier.

A vampire tale featuring shadowy government agents and galactic empires. The Kickstarter campaign for the 144-page The VI Empire hardcover graphic novel is live now, and will run through June 17. 

‘Buried and alone, yet somehow alive in the frozen tundra of the Alaskan wastelands. Apollonia was the very last thing veteran John Halldor ever wanted or needed in his solitary existence.  She was a mystery; a burden. A man chooses to live in the deep cold to escape other people, after all; not to raise one.

To his credit, considering the events of the coming years, John Halldor never once regretted taking in the infant and raising her as his own.

Not when he realized Apollonia was immune to the cold; nor when she began exhibiting levels of strength far beyond what a normal human girl should possess.

Not even when Apollonia spurned human food, subsisting on a diet of nothing but blood. Whatever else she was: human, vampire or something never before seen, Apollonia was his daughter, come hell or highwater.

And sure enough, hell soon came knocking…’

Backer rewards start at the $10 level, and run through a pretty standard range of prizes. Physical copies, digital copies, T-shirts, and original interior art and cover art. 

All of the creative work is complete on The VI Empire, so with a successful Kickstarter campaign, the graphic novel will be printed and in backers’ hands very quickly. You can find the campaign here to check it out further.

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