Ian Edginton To Write ‘KISS: Phantom Obsession’

by Erik Amaya

“It was 1977 in the UK and I was 14,” writer Ian Edginton recalls. “I actually discovered KISS in issues #12 and #13 of Marvel’s Howard the Duck! .. I didn’t know who the hell they were, but loved the look. A friend of mine who knew his metal played me the ‘Love Gun’ album and I was hooked, which is why ‘Love Gun’ (song and album) has always been my favourite!”

The writer’s fondness for the band will serve him well as he has signed on to write KISS: Phantom Obsession for Dynamite. The series will tell the tale of Darius Cho, young man who attended a KISS concert in 1978 — a memory that has stuck with him for decades. Many years later, he is a massively wealthy, but reclusive tech giant some doubt even really exists. But KISS is about to learn the truth as they receive an all-expense-paid invitation to play an exclusive concert for him. While exciting, an audience of just Cho, his assistant, and a crowd of his custom-made Westworld-style androids is a puzzling gig … especially when the band wakes up in luxurious accommodations with no way to leave and their powerful talismans missing.

The appearance of androids, a promised theme park excursion, and even the title, may strike a familiar chord with some KISS fans. And, perhaps, it will explore the themes barely grazed upon in the KISS Meets The Phantom of the Park TV movie, but according to Edginton, “It sounds deep, but it’s mostly about robots, monsters, and blowing sh*t up!”

Joining Edginton on KISS’s latest adventure are artist Celor, colorist Valentina Pinto, and letterer Troy Peteri. Cover artists include Celor, Jae Lee, Stuart Sayger, and Tim Seeley. KISS photo and blank sketch covers will also be available.

KISS: Phantom Obsession is due out August 2021.

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