Bettie Page Heads For The Emerald Isle In ‘Bettie Page: The Curse Of The Banshee’ #1 Extended Preview

by Olly MacNamee
Cover by Marat Mycheals (A)

Written by Stephen Mooney

Art by Jethro Morales

“An all-new Bettie Page series under the guidance of writer Stephen Mooney, ably assisted by artist Jethro “Jet” Morales and a host of incredible covers artists, cosplay goddesses and the queen of the pin-up herself – Bettie Page!

Utilizing several clues found at the ancient Key Artifact site in the Middle Americas, McKnight and Bettie surmise that the Key Artefact has been relocated to an ancient burial site in rural Ireland. They give chase!

Bettie Page: The Curse of The Banshee #1 is out Wednesday 2nd June from Dynamite

Cover byJoseph Michael Linsner (B)
Cover by Stephen Mooney (C)
Cover by Ani-Mia Cosplay Variant (D)
Bettie Page Vintage Pin-up (E)

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