Previewing ‘Shy Ninja’: A Heartwarming Tale Dealing With Social Anxiety Disorder From The Father/Daughter Team Ricardo And Adara Sanchez

by Olly MacNamee

Father and daughter writing team, Ricardo and Adara Sanchez, and illustrator Arianna Florean, are bringing out an all-new graphic novel next week from Humanoids. A story that deals with social anxiety disorder, but with a comic book twist. Check out the preview below:

“Young Rena suffers from social anxiety disorder. It keeps her from engaging at school, from hanging out with her best friend in person, or participating in any sort of group activity. Pressed by her mother to find some social outlet, she enrolls in a School for Ninjas as a joke—and in an instant, her life changes.

Rena’s instructor, the mysterious Dysart, tells her that she may actually be the heir to an ancient prophecy that will return the Ninja to prominence. Dysart tells Rena she will become the Ninja legend known as “The Ghost”—but only if she can conquer her fears. Assuming she can even get past her own anxieties, will Rena help Dysart return the Ninja to their former glory… or is Dysart planning to exploit Rena for his own cryptic aims?”

Shy Ninja is out Tuesday 1st June from Humanoids

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