SEGA Confirms ‘Sonic Rangers’ Coming Soon

by Sage Ashford

At the end of the 30th anniversary Sonic live-stream, Sega announced Sonic Team was working on a brand-new Sonic The Hedgehog title. Almost nothing was shown in the trailer itself, but there is an interesting rumor that came out of 4chan from people claiming to have play-tested the game.

Supposedly, the game – Sonic Rangers – is an open world title that will come complete with Ubisoft-esque towers, as well as enemies and puzzles all in the world. Beating the enemies will reward experience, which can be used to customize Sonic’s abilities in a skill tree. The rumor also hints at special levels in the vein of Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations which will help Sonic level up.   The validity of this rumor largely comes from whoever leaked it guessing correctly that the upcoming game’s title is Sonic Rangers, which Sega revealed in a press release on accident.

Sonic Rangers will release for PlayStation and Xbox consoles as well as Nintendo Switch and PC next year.

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