Sunday Shake-Up: Welcome To Your New Sunday Schedule

by Olly MacNamee

If you’re a regular reader of you may have noticed that the weekends have got a whole lot busier over the past few weekends. We’ve added two new columns to our line-up: Tony Thornley’s Classic Comic Cavalcade which looks back at iconic comic book sagas of the past, such as the ‘Death of Superman’, as well as regular reviewer Scott Redmond’s new columns, Retcons, Reboots and Resurrections looking at some of the more infamous storylines and comic book initiative software the past, such as last week’s debut column revisiting the complicated history of Excalibur’s Betsy Braddock.

We also have news, the usual line-up of themed previews and more. Along with other regular and now established columns we’ve nurtured over the past year or so, we think we’re giving our readers something more than just the usual diet of previews and news. Not just on Saturday, but now on Sunday too!

We have a team of dedicated contributors who have a lot to share, and we’re pretty proud of what we’re accomplishing here.

We may not be the biggest site, and we certainly don’t gossip, but what we do is offer our readers that little bit more personality. After all, we’re comic book fans first, just like you!

So, why not join us each and every weekend for something that little bit extra to brighten your day?

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