Advance Review: ‘Nocterra’ #4 Offers A Glimmer Of Hope As It Seems To Turn A Corner Plot-Wise

by Olly MacNamee


A creepy opening and another stop off for Val and her crew on their way to finding Sanctuary. This issue feels like a turning point in this road trip through an apocalyptic landscape and one that offers the slightest glimmer of hope.


Each issue of Nocterra follows a now-familiar pattern of offering up a flashback to where it all started. And it’s effectively gripping, as we are all aware of where it’s all heading. It’s an effective and familiar narrative device used in many horror films dealing allegorically with the downfall of society. Whether than be from a zombie outbreak or some other post-apocalyptic plague. The countdown to Armageddon before we jump to the present day and the crippling and dangerous darkness that hs enveloped the world and is the cause of so much horror. 

Val and the gang make another stop-over and another realisation that things aren’t playing out the way they would have wished in this road-trip from Hell. There are more monsters, but there are also more revelations and even – dare I say it – a glimmer of hope. But, only a glimmer. 

Tony S Daniel’s art is always a pleasure to behold and his vision of this dark and dangerous landscape plays out very cinematically with his reliance on wide-screen panels and dramatic big reveals when needed to convey a sense of the horror hiding out here in the darkness as well as the action. This book is certainly not short on action, that’s for sure, with different mutated monsters lurking in every field and  behind every bend. 

The pace of Scott Snyder’s script is certainly welcome too. While I have compared this to his other road-trip across an apocalyptic America, Undiscovered Country, I do feel that with the conclusion of the particular issue, this book will be turning a corner and a direction that will, I hope, see it become something more than another road-trip of discovery. 

Nocterra #4 is out Wednesday 2nd June from Image Comics

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