Art For Art’s Sake #105: Welcome, Welcome, It’s The Hellfire Club Gala

by Richard Bruton

A special Art For Art’s Sake this week, as we celebrate The Hellfire Gala, kicking off on 2 June in the X-Books – it’s a fabulously gorgeous thing…

If you didn’t already know, ‘The Hellfire Gala’ is part party, part big summer event and it’s got some fabulous looks!

It all began earlier in the year with the reveal of the spectacular designs for various X-characters by Marauders cover artist and superb stylist Russell Dauterman, designing the looks that every X-attendee will debut at the Gala.

Of course, ‘The Hellfire Gala’ storyline will have major impacts in the X-books and redefine the X-Men for the future, with blah, blah, blah, blah…

But you can read all about that elsewhere. Art For Art’s Sake is about the art and, for me, the Hellfire Gala is all about the looks… and what looks they are.

So, without further ado… the official looks from Russell Dauterman first, and then some from the past that would fit in rather well! (Next week – the fabulous unofficial ones!)

Russel Dauterman


But if there’s one star turn here in the Gala, it has to be Emma Frost, the White Queen, with not one, not two, but three fabulous Dauterman designed looks…


A few of the initial X-book covers with that same flair for fashion and style…

Russell Dauterman again…

Martin Simmonds

Pepe Larraz

Giuseppe Camuncoli

David Aja

Ivan Shavrin


And finally… a few unconnected to the Hellfire Gala, but are still superb pieces of fashionista X-art…

First, Kevin Wada… who can always be counted on to be absolutely fabulous with the couture designs…

Kitty Pryde –

Emma Frost –

Mystique –

Magneto –

Jean & Emma –

Jubilee –

Cyclops –

Now, a couple from Chris Panda

And finally, this glorious group from Kris Anka

Or this expanded version…

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