Stephanie Hans’ Full ‘Black Knight: Curse Of The Ebony Blade’ Legacy-Filled Connecting Cover Revealed

by Scott Redmond

Everything about the legacy of the Black Knight is being questioned and is in peril through the first three issues of Marvel Comics’ Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade from writer Simon Spurrier and artist Sergio Dávila. With the series taking such a deep dive into the past and future of the Black Knight, it’s only fitting that the series has a connecting set of covers celebrating the legacy of this hero, all from acclaimed artist Stephanie Hans

Marvel previously revealed some of the covers, but now all five parts of the connected image have been revealed. 

“When I was offered the opportunity to do these five iconic covers for BLACK KNIGHT: CURSE OF THE EBONY BLADE, my main concern was to find a way to link them all together, a strong concept,” Hans explained. “Flames are the constant element uniting them all. I tried to make them all as interesting together and as singular pieces. My second concern was to be able to give a solid representation of older designs, considering materials and practicality. I hope I did a good job.”

Alongside the full cover reveal, Marvel has also shared a small preview of the mini-series upcoming fourth issue. 

Following up on some revelations from King in Black: Black Knight, the new series follows Dane Whitman and his allies Elsa Bloodstone and mysterious newcomer Jacks as they try to keep the magical Ebony Blade from falling into the hands of the Knight’s ancient foe Mordred. At the same time, Dane is dealing with many revelations about the nature of the blade and his destiny as well as the fact that the inner darkness he struggles with is part of what fuels his powers. 

“Dane and his tangled lore are a treasure trove for anyone fascinated by story, mythology, folklore and psychology — all of which are very much My Bag — not to mention the simple thrill of seeing a not-totally-well-adjusted man flying around on a winged warhorse with one of the world’s most devastating magical weapons in his hand. I started to sense that this character deserves to be a far bigger deal than he is — and my editor Tom Groneman agreed. What’s emerged is a fascinating, uberdark story which drips with horror and humor in equal measure. rummaging deep into the (often maddeningly confused) threads of canon surrounding the Black Knight, to disentangle, clarify and twiiiiiiiissssttt everything you thought you knew about this hero.” – Simon Spurrier

Black Knight: Curse of the Ebony Blade #4 is on sale June 30th and #5 is on sale July 28th.


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