Soaring Penguin’s ‘Meanwhile…’ Anthology Hits Kickstarter

by Brendan M. Allen

Since 2015, ‘Meanwhile…’ has published stories from several genres, showcasing the variety possible in comics.

Meanwhile… #10 is an extra-large edition, clocking in at 128-pages, featuring 16 stories from 21 creators. This includes the return of Meanwhile… classics such as Strangehaven by Gary Spencer Millidge, The Bad Bad Place by David Hine and Mark Stafford, Sarah Gordon’s ongoing series The Collector, and Gail Key’s Psychic Lost Item Helpline by Ginny Skinner, along with new stories from artists like Roger Langridge, Michael Doig, India Swift, Oisin Roche and Laurel Dundee. This combination of established and rising comic book talents is one of the hallmarks of Meanwhile…, as the anthology continues to bring new voices into the scene.

Soaring Penguin Press also continues to use crowdfunding as a way of increasing creator payments and Meanwhile… #10 is the first single issue of the anthology to use this method. You can check out the campaign and backer rewards right here

Soaring Penguin Press Co-publisher, John Anderson said:

I’m really excited to return to Meanwhile…! With issue #10, you can really start to see what the anthology is capable of: thoughtful, evocative stories, exciting stories, stories that catch you off-guard. It’s a collection of stories you’ll return to, and that will linger with you.

Co-publisher Tim Pilcher added:

Issue #10 is a perfect jumping-on point for readers who haven’t discovered Meanwhile… yet  with Roger Langridge’s new series, Taniwha, starting and 11 self-contained stories by some of the greatest emerging creators in comic today. Plus we’ve got some incredible stretch goals including a brand new story by Peter Milligan and Steve Parkhouse and an exclusive story by the legendary Howard Chaykin.

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