Morgan Edge Steps Up His Plan In A Preview Of Next Week’s ‘Superman & Lois’

by Erik Amaya

Morgan Edge (Adam Rayner) changes tactics in next week’s episode Superman & Lois. And as this preview indicates, his ultimatum to Clark (Tyler Hoechlin) will change the balance of his plans for Earth. But just who is Morgan Edge and why is he claiming to be Clark’s brother?

We have to admit, it seems like the production hiatus across the spring did wonders for the show. In fact, we can’t help but speculate that the produces used the delay to rethink some ideas. Revealing the Stranger (Wolé Parks) as John Henry Irons might’ve been the plan all along, but it certainly feels like an late alteration for the better. Similarly, Edge’s apparent Kryptonian heritage also feels like a mid-season change for the character. Or, at the very least, positioning him as an alleged brother of Kal-El has the ring of an unexpected pivot.

As it happens, a Silver Age Superman comic introduced Halk Kar, the foster brother of Superman who lived on the planet Thoron. It is possible the series may be making a deep pull here. That would explain why his chest emblem is not the same as Clark’s. Either way, it definitely makes Superman’s entrance into what has been Lois’s (Elizabeth Tulloch) storyline thus far all the more surprising.

But if we can offer one criticism: the push-and-pull between Jordan (Alex Garfin) and Sarah (Inde Navarrette) is starting to get old. Yeah, teenage romance is something these shows typically stretch, but it seems silly not to commit to it at this point or end it as an option. They’re also great as friends and exploring that while the rest of the world seems to think they’re dating has potential in its own right, but the show just needs to decide on it the way they moved the Stranger and Edge into more definite positions.

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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