Allegra Faces A Meta Family Feud On The Next Episode Of ‘The Flash’

by Erik Amaya

Allegra (Kayla Compton) has some family business to deal with. Her cousin Ultraviolet (Alexa Barajas) was a member of Black Hole and still has a grudge against her. And from this preview for next week’s episode, Ultraviolet’s return means all-out war on the streets of Central City. But with Barry (Grant Gustin) “off the grid,” it’ll be up to Allegra, Chester (Brandon McKnight) and Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss) to save the day. Can this new Team Flash rise to the occasion?

As we loved Dreyfuss as Sue last year, we’re glad to see her back. Her skepticism toward Chester really made his own doubts feel a little more fleshed out when he finally expressed them to Iris (Candice Patton). Also, we like Chester expressing his anxieties and feeling a little more fleshed out beyond his usual sense of enthusiasm.

In fact, the whole episode felt like a bit of a mental awareness episode — especially with Joe (Jesse L. Martin) putting a button on it — but it works for the characters involved. Both Chester and Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) have been lighter support characters, so their battles with anxiety and depression — both in Cecile’s case — feel authentic. Hopefully, stories like these can play out more frequently as the new Team Flash dynamic continues to evolve. Maybe Sue will even stick around and join that team full time.

Also, The Flash should try these one-episode interludes more often. They’re definitely allowing the characters time to breathe and, sometimes, that’s more important than having a big bad for them to fight.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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