Nintendo Confirms The Return Of The Original Metroid With ‘Metroid: Dread’, Releasing October 8th

by Sage Ashford

The original 2D Metroid series finally gets a continuation with Metroid Dread, which is the first new game for the series since Metroid Fusion. Developed by MercuryStream (known for Metroid: Samus Returns), the game sees Samus travel to a new planet while being hunted by E.N.M.I., DNA-extracting machines that have gone rogue.  While she’s there, Samus also has to battle against alien threats known as ZDR on this new planet under the orders of the Galactic Federation, while gaining new abilities as she explores the planet.

Nintendo also released a 25 minute gameplay video courtesy of their Nintendo Treehouse Live.

Metroid Dread releases exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on October 8th.

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