‘Snake Eyes’ Trailer Reveals A New G.I. Joe Origin

by Erik Amaya

Let’s get this part out of the way: Snake Eyes (Henry Golding) now talks.

That may not be as great of a shock to those who have kept up with G.I. Joe over the last thirty-five years — although, we’re unsure if he’s spoken in any of the more recent comics or series —  but for those whose lasting memory is the mute commando who helped the Joes attain a vital catalytic element for the MASS device, his willingness to speak in the following trailer for Snake Eyes will be a surprise.

As detailed here, the young man who will become Snake Eyes finds himself training with the Arashikage Clan just as the incipient conflict between G.I. Joe and Cobra begins to brew. Will his best pal in the castle, Storm Shadow (Andrew Koji), join forces with the ruthless terrorist organization bent on ruling the world? And will he be swayed by Scarlett (Samara Weaving) to become a member of the elite American special mission force charged with defeating Cobra?

And since we’re asking questions, will this be the film to get Cobra Commander right, if even just for a post-credit stinger?

To be honest, our nostalgia for G.I. Joe is complicated and full of memory gaps. For one thing, we know Snake Eyes evolved from commando to ninja and had a long-standing feud with Storm Shadow, but these things were not necessarily depicted that way in the original cartoon. Did we get that knowledge, which comes from the comics, via osmosis? As such, we’re inclined to give a handsome, talking Snake Eyes the benefit of the doubt, especially as the film at least looks cool. But a talking Snake Eyes still gives us pause.

Snake Eyes comes to theaters on July 23rd.

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