Todd McFarlane Gives Us A Sneak Peek At ‘King Spawn’ #1

by Olly MacNamee

Todd McFarlane is expanding his Spawn line with all-new titles across the summer. We’ve already had the showcase one-shot Spawn Universe #1, and come August we’ll be getting King Spawn #1 by Sean Lewis, Todd McFarlane, and art from Javier Fernandez, Brett Booth, Philip Tan, Stephen Segovia, Todd McFarlane, and Marcio Takara.

McFarlane once again reiterates his goal for Spawn through this expansion of this line:

“My goal is to give fans twice as much Spawn to read than they had before… and at the lowest price possible! And by the end of the year, there will be a Spawn-related book available for fans every week of the month. We will be introducing new heroes and villains along with classic characters as we expand the Spawn Universe into the future.”

So, it’s to give fans what they want, not stretch a franchise to breaking point? Whatever the reason, if you’re a fan, you’ll no doubt want to pick it up. So, you need to know that King Spawn #1 will be available on Wednesday, August 18th from Image Comics.

Now for that sneak peek:

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