Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, And Jesse L. Martin Re-Up For The Next Season Of ‘The Flash’

by Erik Amaya

There goes our prediction of a mass exodus on The Flash.

Deadline reports original cast members Candice Patton, Danielle Panabaker, and Jesse L. Martin have negotiated contracts to appear in the eighth season of The CW Arrowverse show. Patton, of course, stars as Iris West-Allen while Panabaker plays both Dr. Caitlin Snow and her dark matter sister, Frost, and Martin soldiers on as Iris’s ex-cop father, Joe West.

They join star Grant Gustin as part of the team already secured for the next season.

Although, we have to admit, with both Tom Cavanagh and Carlos Valdes leaving in quick succession during the current season, we started to suspect more original members of the cast might be leaving S.T.A.R. Labs for good. In fact, the show might even benefit from shifting focus to a different Flash and a new crop of supporting characters. But then, that might be our Wally West bias showing through.

The eighth season will begin with what the network calls a “special event.” Reportedly, it will see Barry taking a tour of the Arrowverse and visiting other heroes. Presumably, the others will be holding down the fort in Central City. Hopefully, they’ll have Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy), Impulse (Jordan Fisher), or both taking point.

See, there we are again trying to get Barry to move on. That said, letting him and Iris leave at the end of Season 8 to raise their kids while the grownup versions of Nora and Bart watch over the city has a certain appeal…

The Flash airs Tuesdays on The CW.

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