New ‘X-Men: Trial Of Magneto’ Covers Tease The Massive Marvel Universe Event

by Tony Thornley

Wanda Maximoff is the great Pretender — the boogeyman of Krakoa — whose story is told in ghostly tales around campfires. But when we last saw her in SWORD #6, it appeared that might be about to change. Will it?

The still-classified Cover By Valerio Schiti

As we’ve now learned in X-Factor #10, the Scarlet Witch is dead, and Magneto is the prime subject. Whatever the motive, the method, and even the murderer (assuming the possibility that Magneto was framed), the upcoming X-Men: Trial of Magneto promises to be huge for the X-Men line and the Marvel Universe as a whole. With the victim’s identity now revealed, Marvel took the opportunity to reveal the full main cover to the Leah Williams and Lucas Werneck’s event mini series as well as several variants.

As for our guesses about what exactly happened at the end of the Hellfire Gala? Well, we’ll find out in August when the series debuts on August 18th.

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